Directors Foreword

Our Mission

Our Company has a pioneer status in the field of agrochemicals. This has been made possible due to its spirit of innovation. We have demonstrated this through the timely introduction of a number of agrochemical products as well as polymers.Our Company has a proud record of manufacturing superior quality products and making these available at very competitive prices. We are well poised to continue our research endeavor and its fruition to continue our foray into agrochemicals, polymer, pigments and other fine chemicals.Our strength of innovation combined with ethical work practices is bound to bring the Company accolades from time to time. The Company holds a promising future from organic growth as well as gaining a wider geographical reach.

Dr. K. H. Gharda
Chairman and Managing Director


Our story is the story of daring and dedicated people. A story of people finding themselves by servicing society, most visibly through research, manufacture, and development of innovative and useful products. Our people are proud of their achievements, and yet humble in the realization that even the best can and should improve.

Our vision

Gharda’s vision has been in developing extremely cost competitive and internationally acceptable quality products delivered to the customer. As Dr. Gharda emphasizes, ‘Our goal is – knowledge converted to products to wealth for the good of society’.