Chemical Name: Methyl Benzimidazol-2-ylcarbamate

CAS Registry No.: [10605-21-7]

Structural Formula:


The product conforms to IS : 8445 (1977)
a) Appearance: Light buff to white powder
b) Carbendazim content: 98% (w/w) minimum
c) Moisture content by Karl Fischer method:1.0% (w/w) maximum
d) Acidity (as H2SO4): 0.5% (w/w) maximum

Formulations : Wettable powder 50% (w/w). See Trade names below.

Compatibility : Compatible with most insecticides and fungicides etc.

Toxicity :

a) Mammalian toxicity : WHO classification : Class III “Non-hazardous”. It is non-irritant to skin and mucous membrane.
b) Environmental toxicity : Carbendazim has very low toxicity to birds.


Two years under normal storage conditions.


50 kg HDPE bags with an LDPE liner or multiwall paper bags with an LDPE liner.