Description : CLODINAFOP is a selective systemic post emergence herbicide, used for the control of grassy weeds in cereals mainly wheat. It belongs to aryloxyphenoxy propionate class of herbicide, acts by inhibition of acetyl COA carboxylase.

Chemical Name : propyny(R)-2-[4-[(5-chloro-3-fluoro-2-pyridinyl)oxy] phenoxy] propionate.

CAS Registry No : [105512-06-9]
UN No : 3077
IMDG : Class 9 (Environmentally Hazardous Substance, Solid, N.O.S.) IMDG 2004 Edition Vol.2, Page No. 152

Structural Formula :

Specifications :

a) Appearance : White to creamish coloured free flowing powder
b) Clodinafop propargyl content : 93 % (w/w) minimum by HPLC
c) Moisture content by Karl Fischer method : 0.5 % (w/w) maximum
d) Melting Point : 48-57°C

Formulations : Wettable powder 15% w/w.

Compatibility : Mainly used in combination with the safener cloquintocet-mexyl.

Toxicity :

a) Mammalian toxicity : WHO Classification : Class III slightly hazardous”
b) Environmental toxicity : It is non-toxic to fish, birds and bees.

Shelf life : Two years under normal storage conditions (Tech grade and Formulation)

Packing :

Technical Grade : 25kg, 50kg and 100 kg UN approved HDPE / M.S. Drums with LDPE liner

Formulation : 16gms water soluble pouch. 10 such pouches in tri-laminated pack.