Cypermethric Acid Chloride (D. V. Acid Chloride)

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Description : CYPERMETHRIC ACID CHLORIDE is mainly used for the manufacture of Cypermethrin. It can also be used for the manufacture of Permethrin, Betacypermethrin >and some other products.

Chemical Name : 3-(2, 2-dichlorovinyl)-2, 2-dimethyl cyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid chloride.

CAS Registry No. : [ 52314-67-7 ]
UN No. : 1760
IMDG : Class 8 (Corrosive, Liquid, N.O.S.) IMDG 2004 Edition Vol.2, Page No. 84

Structural Formula :


Physical Properties :

a Appearance : A clear pale yellow liquid free from extraneous impurities.
b) Boiling Point : 78-80°C at 1.5 mm Hg >and 116-117°C at 7.5 mm Hg
c) Density : 1.23 g/ml at 30°C
d) Freezing Point : Does not freeze up to -5°C
e) Solubility : Miscible in n-hexane, benzene, toluene, chloroform >and carbon tetrachloride in all proportions.
f) Reactivity : Reacts violently with water, alkali metals >and their hydroxides. Reacts rapidly with alcohols giving corresponding esters. Evolves hydrogen chloride with water >and alcohols.

Stability : Stable under normal storage conditions.

Specifications :

(a) Acid chloride content

(i) “By GLC (area normalisation
method, as methyl ester)” : 99% (w/w) minimum
(ii) By volumetry : 98% (w/w) minimum

(b) Acid content : 0.8% (w/w) maximum
(c) Thionyl Chloride content : 0.2% (w/w) maximum
(d) Other related substances : 0.5% (w/w) maximum
(by GLC, after esterification) Cis-Trans ratio : 55 : 45 to 53 : 47

Grades : DV Acid Chloride with different Cis-Trans ratios i.e. High Cis (75% to 80%) >and Low Cis (25 to 40 %) is also available.

Packing : 50 kg >and 250 kg UN approved polylined MS drums

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